Charles and Richard Pendrel arrive back at Boscobel to find that another fugitive from the battle of Worcester has arrived looking for shelter, Colonel Carless, had stayed late at the battle and had a hue and cry following hard on his heels.

Needing a safe hiding place and armed with pillows and provisions the King and Carless, with the aid of a ladder, climb into a tree which has particularly strong leaf canopy having been pruned some years earlier. The hiding place proves to be so comfortable that Charles even falls asleep.

From their vantage point the fugitives watch their pursuers search the woods in vain during the day.

The tree was later to be called "The Royal Oak" and gave it's name to countless inns and also to Naval ships.

The King passes the night in a hiding place in the house, between two walls, but the shape of the space is such that he cannot lie down.

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The Royal Oak today

The tree today. This is in fact a descendant of the original Oak