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This site is being built (and giving much pleasure in the doing) using a powerful on-line web site hosting and creation tool – In fact it is much more than a tool it is a community dedicated to assisting anyone with a desire to produce their own site. The model is hosted from Canada, but can be used from anywhere in the world (I am writing this looking at the sea in Torquay - Devon, England , although normally based in the West Midlands).

The system is easy to use; there is no need to have any skills with programing language (HTML) as the “page build it” modules are easy to use.

The facility is available to use HTML or commercial software to produce pages for upload to your web site should you so wish.

Users fall into various categories, e.g. people on career breaks, people promoting a business, and those looking to develop an on-line business, usually with a view to add an income stream. In this day and age reliance on single income streams is a high risk life strategy. (Having said that – many SBI’ers do give up the day job having established a lifestyle whereby they can work only when they want and having achieved an income from their site in excess of "The Day Job".)

The System provides:

• A 10 day course from choosing a subject for your site through to site creation and monetisation. (in reality, each "day" is a seperate lesson and you can work through at your own pace)

• Look and Feel advice and Templates for designs – if required

• Keyword and Brainstorming tools

• Specific subject advice, e.g. adding an RSS feed

• Forums where advice is given and sought

• Mail, newsletters, forms etc

In fact, everything you need to do from start to finish including the site registered for you.

So, if you feel creative and want to follow a structured and well trod path with a whole community ready to give as much (or as little) support as you need - Follow one of the links below.

If you feel that you would like to know more here is a video which will give you all that you want - but be warned - It could change your life! SITE BUILD IT


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