DAYS 6 & 7

With a priest hole available Charles II lies low hidden in a secret room at Moseley Old Hall, which was just as well as the parliamentary forces are close on his heels.

On Tuesday White Ladies is raided and Mrs Gifford is threatened with a gun.

Boscobel has been searched during the day.

During Tuesday afternoon, soldiers arrive at Moseley Old Hall; Charles is quickly concealed and the owner of the hall Whitgreave orders all of the doors to be opened wide he then goes out to meet the soldiers.

Whitgreave is accused of being at the Battle of Worcester, but luckily, neighbours are attracted be the noise and confirm that Whitgreave was in fact ill and at home. The soldiers are forced to accept Whitgreave‘s innocence and leave, however, one of their number, Southall the Priest Catcher, creeps around to the back of the building and offers a Blacksmith £1000 for news of the King but receives no information.

In the evening at around midnight Charles is transferred to another local house called Bentley Hall in preparation for the planned journey to Bristol in the disguise of the servant of Mrs Jane Lane.

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