DAYS 8 and 9

Jane Lane, her cousin Henry Lascelles together with the King disguised as William Jackson, Jane's servant; depart at daybreak on the road to Stratford-upon-Avon. Jane was the sister of Colonel John Lane, and having played her part in the escape, later joined the Kings court in exile.

Thus Charles takes his leave of the Catholic Underground and the manic first week of his escape from this point he is more in control of his destiny.

Wednesday is not without incident and along the way Charles chats in Bromsgrove with an anti-royalist blacksmith, and on the way into Stratford-upon-Avon a troop of horse filled the road which obliged the Royal Party to pass through them, luckily the horsemen parted and civil greetings were passed.

The party did not stay the night in Stratford, but move on to Long Marston.

Thursday seems to have been uneventful as very little is recorded. The party passed the night at an inn in Cirencester . The Fleece Hotel claims the honour of being the inn that was used.

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